Mission and Vision of the school

Advancing the science of Perioperative and Critical Care nursing in Ghana and abroad by preparing graduate nurses through practice, education, and research to acquire unique knowledge, skills and attitudes for health promotion and development.

Office of the Principal

The Principal is the Chief Executive Office of the University. She has oversight responsibilities over the administrative and academic matters of the institution. She is also the Chief Disciplinary Officer. The Office is thus responsible for organizing and conducting the financial and administrative business of the University.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor consists of the following:

  • Vice Chancellor’s Secretariat
  • Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor
  • Quality Assurance Unit
  • Planning Unit
  • Business Development Unit
  • Procurement Unit
  • Industrial Liaison and Career Development Unit
  • Information and Communication Technology Directorate
  • Office of International Affairs and Institutional Linkages

These units/offices have varying responsibilities that add up to support the successful running of the Vice Chancellor’s Office.



The need for Peri-operative and Critical Care Nurses to promote quality of services and care delivery in the operating theatres and intensive care units in all health facilities led to the training of these specialized nurses. Both programmes started as a certificate courses in 1997 with a modular group of 10 in-charges each from the various units of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Both programmes were run for a period of six months and subsequently extended for 15 months. The institution at that time was headed by a Senior Professional Nurse with the job title, co-ordinator. The programme was later converted into a school in 2007 and the name was changed to the School of Peri-operative and Critical Care Nursing, Korle-Buto train high quality manpower for the operating theatres and the intensive care units of the health sector. Dr Kwaku-Asante – Krobea became the first principal when the institution assumed the full status of Health Training Institution with recognition by the Ministry of Health. The school admits registered nurses from all health facilities in Ghana including private and quasi-government, who have acquired at least three years post working experience. It also admits foreign students within the sub-regions.